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Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple, Beantown Bedding®, Hingham, MA

Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple, Beantown Bedding®
Beantown Bedding’s beginnings are rooted in the personal story of two moms caring for their kids at college.  Co-founders Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple were disgusted to learn that their children rarely took time to wash their sheets.  Knowing that dirty sheets become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and allergens; each was worried about their child’s health and searched for a disposable alternative.  The only options were paper or plastic doctor’s office sheets.

A Mother’s Need for an Answer Leads to an Entrepreneurial Journey

Kirsten and Joan did not set out to be entrepreneurs.  Their backgrounds were in consumer research and management consulting.  However, after trying to find a solution to their kids’ laundry dilemma they soon recognized the business opportunity to offer an easier and more ecofriendly solution.

More than a year was spent doing industry analysis, consumer research, product testing, and learning how to start a business.  They spoke to textile experts and startup founders, read books and articles, attended events and developed a business plan.  Then it was just a matter of deciding to take the  plunge.

Beantown Bedding®


Made with TENCEL™ from plants, Kirsten and Joan created soft sheets that can be used for days or weeks, and discarded or composted instead of laundering.  What started as a  great solution for the college student who “just doesn’t have time” to do laundry.  Beantown Bedding® has now helped hospitality, healthcare and emergency management organizations enjoy the operational and environmental benefits of going laundry-free.

Lessons Learned

“It is definitely easier to get started than to keep going and keep growing” shared Kirsten.  “The trick is to figure out the winning formula within the limits of available funding and find resources to scale.” 

“CWE will help us leverage our WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certification as a woman-owned business to grow Beantown’s B2B business in higher education, healthcare and commercial industries.  It’s a trusted organization that offers connections, courses and credibility.”

“Every experience and every conversation provides a lesson.  We’ve learned to see failures as course corrections, to trust our instincts, and to be selective about the advice and help we accept.  We have learned we can push ourselves well outside our comfort zone and find little victories in every day.  In a word, the most important lesson is tenacity.”


Hingham, MA