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Becca Brady and Tiffany Ting, Hometown Poké, Providence, RI

 Tiffany Ting and Becca Brady, Hometown Poké 

What do you get when two friends who love food decide to daydream together as a way to escape the doldrums of their corporate jobs?  Hometown Poké.  Located on Camp Street in Providence, RI, the café serves traditional Hawaiian poké bowls with a health conscious California vibe.

Becca Brady grew up in Rhode Island while Tiffany Ting hails from California.  The two blended their backgrounds, personalities, and desire for a healthy food option to create a place where all are welcome.  A place where you could grab a bowl to go, or hang out for a few hours and catch up with friends while drinking locally roasted coffee and tea.  Besides serving only high quality sushi-grade fish, they are also strongly committed to supporting local businesses.

“The First Course”


“Starting the business was easy” shared Becca and Tiffany, “the difficult part was operating and scaling our business.”  They contacted CWE in the beginning of 2017 and took several classes on entrepreneurship and legal considerations for your business.    Hometown Poké launched later that year as a mobile food cart, selling all around Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. 

Lessons Learned


“We have learned a ton of lessons since launching our business in September 2017,” said Becca.  “The biggest lessons involved time management and expectations, especially with the buildout of our store.  We thought that we would be open in July, but construction dragged on until the end of October.  We also had to pivot during winter months since our food is so seasonal.”

Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

“Starting and owning our own business is the most rewarding job we have ever had.  It is also the most time consuming and exhausting.  It is not for the faint of heart.  We joke that we traded a 9 to 5 job for a 24/7 one.” 

“Having a huge support system is a huge help.  It truly takes a village and we are proof of that.”

185 Camp Street

Providence, RI