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Cynthia Ryan, Edgeworks Creative LLC, Waterbury, VT

Cynthia (Cyndi) Ryan started her graphic design business out of her bedroom in 2000. Almost two decades later her part-time passion project has grown to full-time success.

Slow and Steady…

Cynthia (Cyndi) Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder, Edgeworks Creative LLC, Waterbury, VT
Cyndi will tell you that starting her business was fairly easy; it just took some time. She had previously had a career in accounting, which she was very good at but was miserable doing. She wanted to make a change, so she went back to college and got a degree in visual media. After graduation, she started out at a job designing print materials and then slowly worked her way into web design by working in her own business on the side. She says, “from there, it just took time to build up my skills and gain clients.”

“About 10 years ago I finally decided to quit my job and run my business full-time. Ed Rooney, who is now my business partner (and recently now husband!), and I had some mutual clients and ended up working together on a couple of projects. We found our partnership worked really well – his programming skills and my design skills were so complementary. When we finally met in person, we realized we also enjoyed each other’s company. So we made the easy decision to merge our separate graphic design and web design companies into what is now Edgeworks Creative.”

 Edgeworks Creative Team
We provide web-based business solutions including websites, branding, search and social media marketing, and print/web advertising. Recently, however, our business has evolved, and we've started to focus a lot on web-based projects for educational institutions and corporate training. Our work for corporate training and education markets has led us to develop a suite of training tools we are about to launch - Interactive.Training.  Among the tools in the suite is tablet-based classroom technology for instructor-led courses. The interactive classroom tablets are designed to work in remote locations away from internet connections allowing classes to be given literally anywhere in the world. 

How did CWE help?

Gwen, Director of CWEVT, is amazing. She is such a cheerleader and almost every conversation I have with her she thinks of another resource I didn’t know about. For instance, she helped us prepare for Road Pitch last year and we won in our region, which was exciting! I feel really supported by the organization and by her. She’s always there with next steps and is also just a lovely human being.

Lessons Learned

I didn’t realize that making a shift in your business can feel a bit like starting a new business. With our pivot to develop a corporate training product, it’s almost like going back to the beginning all over again. There is a lot that has to be reworked (branding, marketing, etc.) in addition to writing the code for our product. I’ve learned that each iteration of my business requires patience and time to get right – and I expect that will never change.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

Do it! Having started my business as a single mom with two small kids – if I can do it, you can do it too. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding.

46 South Main Street, #3
Waterbury, VT   05676