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Tricia Utley, American Apothecary, LLC, Nashua, NH


Tricia Utley, Owner/Licensed Esthetician, American Apothecary, LLC

Beauty from Within

Tricia Utley was working as an esthetician and going through a health crisis.  While trying to find a cure for her condition she discovered how inner health is reflected in the skin.  Tricia searched for a holistic spa in the area to help her and found none.  That is when she decided to open her own studio, American Apothecary, and focus on wellness and assisting her clients in discovering the root cause of their skincare issues.

Solopreneur Journey

Tricia had twelve years in the beauty industry at the time and did not find it hard to transition to owning her business.  The hard part was juggling all the roles that support the services she provides and being a solopreneur.  “As a women owned business, I find that having an organization that makes classes and opportunities more accessible invaluable,” shares Utley.  “Being a solopreneur can sometimes feel like you are on a desert island.  Being able to email or call CWE for a lifeline when you need it is great.”

Her biggest lesson was in the CWE Business Planning class, where she did an exercise in cost analysis.  Tricia had an idea for how she wanted to grow her business and found after completing the assignment that it was not the direction for her. “It would have worked but ultimately I would not have been able to keep up with other parts of the business,” said Tricia.



Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

When asked what she would share with others who want to start and/or grow their business, Utley responded, “Take the Business Planning course.  It will give you a clear vision on all aspects of your business before you are locked in.  It will also direct you to important programs that will help you get started in a really solid way.  You don’t want to be 5 years in and say, if I only hadn’t done X I wouldn’t be dealing with XYZ.”

Her final piece of advice is to “get a mentor and plan to delegate what you are less successful with so you can put all of your energy into what you are amazing at.”


92 Main Street, #104
Nashua, NH 03060