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Christine Taylor Garner, TaylorMade Meals

After spending more than 10 years in technology – building websites and software products, and managing clients - Christine Taylor Garner needed a change.  The higher she went “up the ladder” the less fulfilled and interested she was in what she was ...

Emily Lagasse, Founder & Owner, Fedwell

Emily Lagasse is dedicated to creating the best natural products to keep pets healthy and happy. In 2010, when she returned from her Peace Corps service in Togo, she brought 

Amy Yanover – Photographic Art

Amy Yanover’s passion for photography sparked as a child when she got her first Brownie camera. That passion stayed with her throughout busy years spent balancing family and a corporate career. In 2005 she decided to turn her hobby into a career, and...

Beth Sullivan, Snug Harbor Tile

The economic downturn and a personal loss left Beth feeling as though she was sinking.  She was losing faith in herself as a businesswomen because she lacked formal training.  Find out how Beth turned herself and her business,Snug Harbor Tile around.

Robin Squibb, Granny Squibb's

Robin's grandmother was a local culinary hero who had created a lemon/mint tea that people were still brewing 100 years later.  Robin began researching how she could turn her granny's recipe into a business.

Suchi Mumford, Indigo Fire Studio

Suchi Mumford has always been the hands-on type attracted to hands-on art, and now that she has opened her own clay pottery and glass studio, she is thrilled to own and manage a business around something that she has loved since her childhood.

Cheryl Snead, Banneker Industries

While immensely successful, Cheryl was also humble, patient and a passionate advocate for the empowerment of youth, people of color, women, and small businesses. Cheryl was an incredible soul who inspired and impacted so many around her and who was ...

Helen Greiner, iRobot Corporation

Meet the woman behind the Roomba, the hands-off, robotic vacuum cleaner phenomenon.

Kim Lamothe, 2011 Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award Winner

In 2005, Kim was living in a dingy apartment in Fall River, MA, and working one terrible waitressing job after another. With the help of the Center For Women & Enterprise, she's now owner of Greenlion Design and Florals the Green Way and making a nam...