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Seth Jajliardo, Maple Leaf Tree Service of Massachusetts, Auburn, MA

Seth Jajliardo is a great role model for veterans who want to become entrepreneurs. Seth was inspired to start Maple Leaf Tree Service after the destructive tornado that hit the Worcester area in June 2011.

At that time, Seth teamed up other volunteers to support local towns by using his equipment to remove fallen trees and get people back on their feet. He saw the importance of providing reliable, quality service, as well as treating people fairly, especially at a time when they need emergency services.  Seth says that, “this community-minded spirit, sense of pride, and a desire to provide fully-insured, quality service at a fair price,” inspired him to launch his business

Before the tornado struck in 2011, Seth had some chainsaw working experience, so he was prepared in some ways for his new business.  However, he greatly benefited from classes at CWE, and learned skills relating to budgeting, creating business plans, and marketing, among others.  He got legal advice from the attorneys giving classes at CWE, including about trademarks.  CWE provided the opportunity for Seth to meet other small business owners, and hear about their experiences running small businesses.  Attending classes helped him understand ways he might expand his business, and “think smarter about the next steps,” according to Seth. 

Seth Jajliardo, Maple Leaf Tree Service of Massachusetts
Being a veteran has impacted Seth’s business.  One challenge that Seth says comes with being a veteran is his approach with following regulations. He is honest and upfront about obtaining insurance and complies with rules and legal requirements.  This is unlike some of his competitors:  for example, some do not provide the insurance that they claim to have, and take advantage of their clients.  Maple Leaf Tree Service is fully insured, which is costly, and can make it more difficult to expand.
  However, the benefits of being a veteran business owner outweigh the challenges. Many people want to support businesses owned by veterans, for example, and Seth learned skills and experience that have helped him build and grow his business.

Seth is working hard to develop and expand Maple Leaf Tree Service. He employs several independent contractors in the business to do ground work, climb trees for tree work and work with aerial equipment like boom lifts.  

Maple Leaf Tree Service of Massachusetts

Auburn, MA

Special thanks to CWE volunteer writers, Laura, Julie, and Stephanie Pare Sullivan.