CWE's Vision, Mission & Values

Purpose (Why We Exist)

To lift up women who lift up the world.


Our vision is to amplify the singular power of women to create a more equitable world.


As an inclusive economic empowerment organization, we help women business owners and aspiring women entrepreneurs launch and grow their business by providing greater access to the resources, tools and support they need.

Our Values


We see the value in all voices

We show respect by

  • Using language that assumes good intentions and competence 
  • Communicating in an open, direct and compassionate manner 
  • Utilizing active listening techniques to ensure people feel heard.
  • Deepening individual self-awareness so we are able to identify our biases that can make the first three ways of showing respect challenging


We clear the path to the table so all voices can be heard

We show equity by:

  • Boldly defining, and then practicing, transparency for our organization
  • Prioritizing individual and collective staff development in the budget and
  • Providing multiple means of engagement to co-create and implement our vision, mission, and strategic goals
  • Keeping equity as a central consideration by examining our own relationship to inequity and constantly challenging the invisible walls of our organization & culture


We create connections between voices to leverage collective genius

We show collaboration by:

  • Routinely sharing resources, challenges, solutions, and the success and failure of those solutions
  • Including multiple perspectives in key projects by creating diverse teams
  • Leveraging individual staff strengths, passions, and expertise on projects
  • Partnering around our individual weaknesses enabling all of us to utilize and develop our skills fully


We celebrate and cultivate bold ideas and curiosity from all voices

We show innovation by:
  • Staying up to date on the latest trends and research in business, technology and culture
  • Embracing failure as a normal part of experimentation
  • Consistently creating space for both extrovert and introvert creative
  • Courageously embracing and implementing a de-centralized organizational structure and clear systems of mutual accountability that meets the needs of our funders as well as the needs of our mission, our values, and our staff.


We use our voice to energize, engage and inspire each other

We show joy by:

  • Collectively celebrating successes and milestones - both personal and professional - as well seeking the humor in our failures
  • Bringing our “true self” to work, thereby encouraging others to do so as well
  • Sharing moments of humor – “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” – Victor Borge
  • Having meaningful conversations with colleagues and clients