Our Impact - CWE Central MA Women's Business Center

Women (and men) annually receive programs and services they need to transform their lives and make a real impact on the local economy in terms of job creation and increased wages.

History of Success - Icon

A History of Success

In 2020

  • 2,613
    Number of people who participated in CWE programs and events
  • 1,576
    Number of people CWE trained and counseled
  • 662
    Number of jobs CWE helped entrepreneurs create and/or nurture
  • $19 M
    Amount of wages CWE helped entrepreneurs generate


Since CWE Central MA began in 1999


  • 11,000
    Number of people CWE has trained
  • 10,300
    Number of jobs CWE supported the creation of
  • $301 M
    Amount of wages CWE helped entrepreneurs generate

Client Demographics - Icon

Client Demographics

  • 91%
  • 60%
    Low to Moderate Income
  • 31%
    People of Color
  • 3%

Impact on Participants - Icon

Impact on Participants

  • 54%
    Start a business (17% said plans to start put on hold due to COVID crisis)
  • 87%
    Increase their understanding of business and entrepreneurship
  • 53%
    Increase the revenue of an existing business (of those, 22% said their revenue then decreased due to COVID crisis, (35% attributed the lack of increase to the COVID crisis)
  • 39%
    Improved their financial situation (of those, 24% said their income then decreased due to the COVID crisis)
  • 15%
    Added employees to their company (18% plans to hire put on hold due to COVID crisis)
  • 30%
    Hired employees (5% put plans to hire on hold due to COVID crisis)