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Posted by: Susan Rittscher on 9/8/2014

So, you’ve taken that scary leap of faith. Whether you’ve started a business from the ground up or you’ve found yourself running a company, congratulations! As the head woman in charge, you’re most likely constantly searching for ways to ensure your enterprise is as successful as it can possibly be.

Posted by: Lori Allen on 2/22/2013
What does crowdfunding mean for women entrepreneurs?
Posted by: Susan Rittscher on 10/11/2012
Why do we get in our own way by playing the victim as we strive to succeed in business? Don’t we have enough to contend with as women business leaders? I do believe our struggles can be a bit overwhelming at times and that elusive life and work balance is hard to achieve but do we have to act like men to be effective? I was left wondering why we save our best behavior for our encounters with men and often crawl through or over other women. I guess I am enough of an idealist to hope that we can take the gifts that we have as women to collaborate to lift other women up.
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