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CWE clients, consultants and more share their "entrepreneurial" story.  

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Sharon Cornelius

Sharon always dreamed of striking out on her own and working with her hands. When an unexpected opportunity opened the door, she took the leap and left the security of a job with the US Post Office. Read Sharon's Story 

Beverly Hilaire

Beverly Hilaire had a delicious vision for her neighborhood.  She dreamed of a modern-day sweet shop with a hint of “yesteryear,” a place where people could gather together for a sweet treat and a smile.  With that, the idea for A Sweet Place in Dorchester, MA was born.  read Beverly's story

Kim Lamothe

In 2005, Kim was living in a dingy apartment in Fall River, MA, and working one terrible waitressing job after another. With the help of the Center For Women & Enterprise, she's now owner of Greenlion Design and Florals the Green Way and making a name for herself in the luxury wedding market. read Kim's story

Pam Lavallee

In the spring of 2013, Pam Lavallee was dealt two blows that probably would have overwhelmed many people.  She lost her job as a public school teacher after a distinguished 25-year-career and shortly after, her 19-year-old son Robert broke his neck while playing soccer. read Pam's story

Cheryl Mita

Cheryl came to the Center for Women & Enterprise without the faintest idea of how to start a business. While working part-time as a personal trainer to support her entire family, Cheryl noticed a trend: her senior citizen clients faced mobility issues from this observation a business idea was born. read Cheryl's story

Heidi Paz

A wife and mother of three, Heidy had a dream to fill American grocery store shelves with the creams and cheeses she'd loved in her homeland of Guatemala. in 2011, she opened her manufacturing business, La Granja Dairy Products, LLC. read Heidi's story

Nina Reed

Owner and chef, Nina Reed is a native of Anchorage, Alaska, a Johnson  & Wales University graduate, and she was a Guest Star on Season 3 of the Food Network Show, “Sweet Genius.” The experience on the Food Network gave her the ambition to turn her passion into a career. read Nina's story


After working in the tourism industry for more than 30 years, Francesca had a dream of wanting to own and operate her own boutique tour company - but she needed the right tools to get her vision off the ground. read Francesca's story