Special Thanks

We at the Center for Women & Enterprise want to say thank you.

Thank you for believing in our mission.

Thank you for giving women entrepreneurs from all walks of life the opportunity to learn, connect, achieve, and grow.

Thank you for inspiring hope in our women entrepreneurs, and;

Thank you for being a Dream Builder.

In the fall of 2012, CWE embarked on a $1 million Dream Builders Campaign to raise much-needed funds for three initiatives: Community Classrooms, Online Learning, and a Mentor Program.  Now we are thrilled to announce that we raised $1.411 million and exceeded our goal, and it’s all because of you!

What Your Gift Has Accomplished

Community Classrooms
With your generous support, we have held three 12-week Business Planning programs in some of the most economically underdeveloped neighborhoods of Greater Boston. We also went directly into communities affected by Hurricane Sandy to help rebuild and strengthen their small businesses.  Your investment has helped change more than 300 people’s lives by literally “bringing the classroom” to those without access to entrepreneurial education and training.  

Online Learning
Thanks to you, we have served over 1,280 Online Learning participants and now offer more than 80 six-week online courses in partnership with Ed2Go.  Over 281 participants have taken an e-course.  Our Expert Series Webinars have also seen success, with more than 137 enrollments.  Additionally, 862 people have used the free online presentation Ten Steps to Starting a Business, and we’ve developed 7 CWE online learning bundles to supplement the online experience and integrate it with our in-person programming.  Because of your investment, the foundation for a robust CWE Online Learning program has been built, and we’re positioned to reach more women than ever before.  

Mentor Program
The right guidance from the right mentor can make or break a new business, so our final initiative, the CWE Mentor Program, provides clients with access to seasoned mentors to help guide them through the rocky stage of being an early start-up.  In 2013 we joined forces with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training to conduct a combined business planning and mentoring pilot program.  Out of the 110 people who engaged in six-week mentoring cohorts, 68% successfully launched a business.  With such great success thus far, we are very excited to see how the Mentor Program evolves now that you helped build the framework with the Dream Builders Campaign.

With Deepest Gratitude

The Dream Builders Campaign would never have succeeded if it weren’t for you. You made it possible for us to serve women entrepreneurs in new and innovative ways, providing greater opportunities for more people every day.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your commitment to CWE and for believing in making the dream of entrepreneurship a reality.  We appreciate your support more than you could possibly know.