Connect with Your Peers

A Group going to class at the Women Business Leadership Conference.

When you get involved with the Center for Women & Enterprise you join a network of talented business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and others driven by one goal – to help people achieve their dreams of business ownership.

The Center for Women & Enterprise offers opportunities to suit your skills and talents. Lead a workshop, plan a fundraising event or be a business consultant.

We’ve helped more than 30,200 individuals gain essential business training and 30% of them have started their own businesses.

We need your expertise. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities.

What You’ll Do:

Interns at CWE engage in projects to help support CWE’s mission of empowering women through business and entrepreneurship. Projects may be in the areas of programs, development, event planning, or marketing.

If interested, email your resume and cover letter to one of our offices:

    The Center for Women & Enterprise is an equal opportunity employer.