Mentor on Road: Discussing Best Practices of US Women In Business - June 5

Join CWE as we host "Mentor On Road", an entrepreneurial mentorship tour out of India. Jagat Shah and his team will be touring 24 US states and 32 cities in 78 days this summer for the "Mentor On Road" USA tour. We are excited to be the very first stop on the tour! We invite you to come and engage with the "Mentor on Road" representatives as they seek to learn from female business owners in the US and discuss opportunities for connecting Small to Medium sized women enterprises here in the US to those back in India.

The Mentor On Road team seeks to understand the best practices of women empowerment in the USA for increasing the participation of Indian women in Indian economic activity, which today stands at a low of 9% compared to 62% in the USA.

The presentation will include the following topics:

  • Your Take and ideas:

The United States has been the pioneer in the movement of women empowerment. Contribute your ideas and best practices being implemented in the US in order to solve the issues pertaining to women in India.

  • Women to Mentor Programs:

We are going to connect various women institutions in India to women institutions in USA. And, you can still contribute in your personal capacity by becoming a mentor to various women institutions in India, and support them in your own capacity for various agendas in women development.

  • Success Stories of Indian Women:

Fighting the traditional mind-set in India, women in India have marched forward by acquiring a valuable place in Indian economy and politics. Government has taken various initiatives to empower women, like Stand Up India along with several women development institutions. Know more about such initiatives that have empowered many women in India, and the best practices.

  • Joint-Venture in Philanthropic Activities with Indian Women Empowerment
Join hands with women empowerment institutions in India and promote various agendas on Women self-reliance, economic understanding and participation, health related awareness, and societal and community development.

Jagat Shah with the support of the U.S. Commercial Service and the Government of India is traveling across the U.S. introducing U.S. entrepreneurs and executives to the opportunities of growing their business with and in India. We intend to connect participating companies to Indian businesses, to grow trade.
"Mentor to the Road" Jagat Shah: In last 23 years of his career, Jagat has worked on international market & investment strategies with Indian, American, Canadian & European companies & governments. Through his economic development agency, he has worked with a cluster development approach on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness & poverty elimination with several governments & private sector in 20 countries - India, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, UAE, Oman, Ras Al Khaimah, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and India. He contributes to these efforts from his head office at Ahmedabad in Gujarat - India.


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When: Monday, June 5 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm 

Where: CWE Eastern MA
             24 School Street 7th Floor
             Boston, MA 02108

Fee: FREE. Must Register to Attend.