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Meagan Jackson, M. Jackson Accounting & Bookeeping, Upton, MA

Leap of Faith


Meagan Jackson is an accountant who, after years of consulting, decided she wanted more control over her projects. She wanted the flexibility to empower and educate her clients as well as advise them and keep their books.  Meagan thought that starting her own business would enable her to have the practice she wanted, but as qualified as she was, starting a business was still an intimidating leap to make.


Now M. Jackson Accounting & Bookkeeping educates, empowers and becomes a trusted advisor to small businesses by working with them to simplify, update and streamline their bookkeeping practices and understand the results.  Having her own business allows Meagan to provide her clients with a strong bookkeeping and financial understanding, giving them confidence and control over their businesses’ futures. She also has flexibility to teach bookkeeping at nonprofits like CWE so she can demystify financial concepts for those daunted by the topic.

How did CWE help?


Meagan Jackson instructing class at CWE Central MA
CWE supported Meagan as she planned and launched her business.  CWE helped her think through all of the things she needed to consider to be sure she had a viable business idea and plan.  CWE provided an invaluable network of business owners all struggling with the same issues.  Meagan not only learned from the class content, but from every other student.  After she graduated from CWE business planning classes and launched her business, CWE contracted with Meagan to teach accounting workshops at CWE so she could return the favor to other business owners.

Advice for other entrepreneurs?

  • Starting your own business is a lot of work, but it allows lots of flexibility and control.
  • Write a business plan and use outside support such as CWE.  There is always something you can learn and classes are an easy way to start your network.
  • Be sure you have a solid grasp of your financials and you have all of the pieces together before you make big decisions.
 M. Jackson Accounting & Bookkeeping
Upton, MA

Special thanks to CWE volunteer writer, Deb Thomas.