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Sharon Knight, Tumble Beans Café and Play, Medway, MA

Sharon Knight came to CWE with a background in teaching and the vision of opening a play space with her husband, Dan Macias, in their town of Medway, MA.  It would be a place for children and adults alike to enjoy.

To better understand how to brand and market her business Sharon took classes like “Marketing on a Shoestring,” and “Branding for Your Small Business.”  She also took advantage of CWE’s free one-on-one consulting where she was able to receive advice from an attorney and decide which legal structure was best for her and her business.

The Journey to Opening

Sharon and Dan encountered many roadblocks prior to launching her business.  They reached out to CWE throughout their journey when any challenges occurred to brainstorm ideas and come up with the best solutions possible.  Whether it was dealing with permits, construction or where to find employees, Sharon used the resources and offerings at CWE over the course of six months while gearing up to open, Tumble Beans Café and Play.

She and her husband invested $200,000 of their own money and received a loan of $500,000 to jumpstart their business and hired a staff of eleven people, two of which are full time.

While the road to entrepreneurship was not an incredibly smooth one, Sharon stuck the course and officially opened in February of 2018. The 4,600 square foot space is dominated by a large indoor play structure, with tunnels, climbing areas, slides and a ball pit.

Tumble Beans Café and Play

Tumble Beans Cafe & Play serves the entire family, not just the kids.  Parents can enjoy coffee and conversation in the play space while their children spend time climbing on the 1,200 square foot play structure, playrooms, or enjoy an activity in the art studio.

Sharon and Dan also made an effort to have special things for children on the autistic spectrum.  There is a sensory room where children can play with different materials.

Before opening Tumble Beans they had over 1,100 followers on social media.  The community support behind them was incredible from day one and continues to this day.

114B Main Street
Medway, MA