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Maureen Joyce and Anne Saita, Twirling Tiger Media

Creators of Content You Can Sink Your Teeth Into


Maureen Joyce and Anne Saita, Co-Founders of Twirling Tiger Media
In the spring of 2013 Maureen Joyce lost her longtime position as creative director for a Newton, MA-based technology media company and was considering her options. She heard that an IT association was putting its digital media magazine out to bid, and she told herself “I can do this!” 


To round out the creative skills she had honed as a graphic designer, Maureen invited a friend and former colleague in San Diego, Anne Saita, to join her as a managing partner and editorial director in a 50/50 partnership. On September 24, 2013, Twirling Tiger Press, Inc. was launched. Maureen and Anne delivered a 30-page proposal to the selection committee and won the competitive process for brand development of the digital magazine. This company is still a client five years later. Maureen and Anne work full time running what is now known as Twirling Tiger Media and employ up to 12 independent contractors per month, depending on project workloads.

So what exactly does the company with a unique name do? Given today’s crowded online world, it is imperative to quickly capture the attention of customers. Marketers need to fill every stage of their buyer’s journey with engaging content worth reading; however, 90% of companies today outsource the creation of content, both words and images. Twirling Tiger Media allows companies to keep their staffs focused on core missions by creating powerful narratives and imagery in a variety of media to draw customers to those brands. Twirling Tiger Media is comprised of writers who are seasoned journalists, photographers, videographers, illustrators and graphic designers who focus on accurately and authentically reflecting a brand’s goods, services and thought leadership.

Twirling Tiger Media specializes in helping tech companies where complicated information needs to be made easily accessible. Its web site has a Knowledge Center with downloadable e-books and case studies with titles like “How to Create Content Marketing That Brings In Business,” “10 Ways to Tell Your Company’s Story”, and “5 Ways to Keep Users Tuned In to Your Tech Talk.”

How Did CWE Help?

From the time they started their business, Maureen and Anne attended many classes, workshops and conferences hosted by CWE to help accelerate their business learning curve. As Maureen says, “CWE possibly spared us from making costly rookie mistakes.” A few of the programs they attended in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island related to marketing, intellectual property, employment law, doing business with state and federal contractors, and accounting for non-accountants. 

In 2014 through CWE, Twirling Tiger Media was certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), which gives them an advantage in the corporate bidding process, and as a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), which is a certification required for women-owned businesses that want to bid on federal contracts in the public sector.

Maureen and Anne were recipients in 2016 of a CWE-organized, year-long mentorship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Anne herself became a mentor in 2017 to a female “newpreneur” in the tech field.

 Twirling Tiger Media
Lessons Learned

  • Owning your own business is exciting, challenging, and very time-consuming. You need to plan time in your schedule for “life” if you want work/life balance.
  • Never stop learning new things. View problems as issues to resolve. Enjoy collaborating with others to figure out the solution.
  • Establish a corporate framework that outlines your core values, focus, short- and long-term plans, and marketing strategy. Schedule weekly meetings with your partners with a standing agenda. Establish quarterly and annual goals and hold people responsible for meeting those goals.
  • Know what you are good at. It’s OK to say, “No, we don’t offer that service.”