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2021 Rising Star Award Nominee: Erin Long, Erin Long Photography, Easthampton, Mass.

Erin offers portrait, lifestyle, wedding, and event photography through her company, Erin Long Photography in Easthampton, MA. She loves being able to connect with people through portraiture and preserve milestone events forever in time through imag...

2021 Rising Star Award Nominee: Jessica De Jesus Acevedo, Little Star of Ours, Cambridge, Mass.

Jessica offers part-time and full-time care to children at her Spanish immersion daycare, Little Star of Ours in Cambridge, MA. She started her business because she wanted to be both an entrepreneur and an early childhood educator.

2021 Rising Star Award Nominee: Jessi Kirley, JKirley Collective, Florence, Mass

Jessi Kirley offers personal and professional leadership development courses that develop self-awareness and cultures of dignity through her company, JKirley Collective, in Florence, MA. She started her business to help people be more compassionate ...

2021 Rising Star Award Nominee: Altagracia Mayi, Mayi LLC, Lawrence, Mass.

Mayi Altagracia offers event management, public relations, and community education through her company, Mayi LLC in Lawrence, MA. As an immigrant, she has always been an entrepreneurial woman and she wanted to develop professionally through her tale...

CWE Client Spotlight: CWE During COVID-19 Crisis: Wendy Mackenzie, Herbalist, Founder and Owner, Everlasting Herb Farm

Wendy Mackenzie is an herbalist, founder, and the owner of Everlasting Herb Farm located just outside Peacham in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Her company makes organic herbal body products using many of the plants she and her husband, Matthew ...

CWE Client Spotlight - Small Business During COVID-19 Crisis: Queen Allotey-Pappoe, Queen Adeline, Lowell, MA

Queen Adeleline creates wearable art designed for women on the go.  They focus on sustainability  in our closets and are guided by the principle of living and working in a way that the next generation is guaranteed an equal if not better quality of ...

CWE Client Spotlight - Small Business During COVID-19 Crisis: Cara Nicholl, Baluva, Temple, NH

Cara Nicholl started her company Baluvaha in 2014.  She makes prayer beads and jewelry out of sand.  With CWE’s help Cara reshifted her business  to fit the current market during the COVID crisis.

Tina Paine, Wicked Healthy Vending, Peabody, MA - Small Business & the COVID-19 Crisis

Tina has been a client of CWE for more than 5 years.  Upon receiving an email from CWE regarding an upcoming webinar about the Paycheck Protect Program (PPP), she registered and is glad she did. 

Jo & Huck Truesdell, TidePool Bookshop, Worcester, MA - Small Business & the COVID-19 Crisis

Hoping to open their small brick and mortar business, TidePool Bookshop in March, Jo and Huck Truesdell had to adjust their plans when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Alexandra Flores, Happykids Home Childcare, Providence, RI

As an entrepreneur and mother, Alexandra Flores has seen her children, her community’s children and her organization flourish over the past two decades in Providence. This is because in 2000 she founded Happykids Home Childcare, shortly after givin...

Christina Guarini, Nantucket Stripes, Shrewsbury, MA

Pajamas are not something one usually thinks about when heading to the beach, and yet CWE Success Story Christina Guarini did just that.  Motivated by the desire to be active and comfortable at the beach or pool, Christina is filling a gap in swim...

Ann Conner, Harbor Clinical, Hingham, MA

Having worked for over 18 years in the CRO industry, Ann’s decision to shift from working for a large corporation to becoming an entrepreneur was due to a blend of good timing, a passion for the industry, and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Felicia Jadczak and Rachel Murray, She Geeks Out, Boston MA, She Geeks Out, Boston MA

While working in the tech industry in the early 2000s, Rachel didn’t feel as though she had a community of women that she could really talk and connect with. Unable to find existing communities that could satiate this craving, Rachel took it upon he...

Liora Stone, Precision Engineering, Uxbridge, MA

“Over our 31-year history, I’ve developed new business skills that have helped us to grow Precision Engineering to a multi-million-dollar enterprise, serving businesses of all sizes and types—from small businesses to global Fortune 100 companies, in...

Tara Axson, LM Hairstyles, Stoughton, MA

Tara Axson’s first career was engineering, but it failed to bring her joy or any enthusiasm for going to work each day.  When her mother passed away in 2008, Tara realized that life is too short to simply exist--she wanted to really live.  She has a...

Becky Morris, Celebrated, Woonsocket, RI

One day a couple asked her to do a tablescape for their creme-da-la-creme Halloween party. The tablescape was a festive take on Halloween and included soft lavender and rosy orange cupcakes. It defined Becky’s craft and ingenuity (fluffy vegan cupca...

Pamela Auger, MySkincareGirl LLC, Fall River, MA

To Pamela Auger, the journey that educated her more each day about her skin and her body’s own intelligence was a beautiful one. Ms. Auger herself summarizes it simply, “As long as you feel good that’s what beauty is,” and right then she decided she...

Sandy Lawson and Kathy Rowell, HealthDataViz LLC, Boston, MA

Sandy and Kathy noticed a gap in the market for the delivery of high impact and high value dashboards and reports. The two embarked on a business venture where they could provide expert consultation to healthcare providers and payers struggling with...

Kayleigha Zawacki, Science Division LLC, Leominster, MA

The Tribble could be programmed via a bluetooth linked app to “recognize” friends, scream at enemies and guard possessions.  The end result was an immediate success with friends, family and even Kayleigha’s grandmother.  Based on the positive feedba...

Wendy Pease, Rapport International, Sudbury, MA

What still motivates her is thinking about the situation where she sent an interpreter to a hospital.    The woman was in labor to give birth without being able to speak English. She realized how important Rapport International’s interpretation serv...

Teresa Maynard, Sweet Teez Bakery, Dorchester, MA

In November 2017, Teresa Maynard, the founder of Sweet Teez Bakery, was happily frazzled after having created and delivered 200 apple and sweet potato mini-pies to Capital One Bank’s cafe in the Back Bay, each packaged in its own container to be give...

Lei Nichols, Wise Mouth, Warren, RI

“It was hard to venture into this business,” shared Lei.  “I was a full time high school teacher, a single mom with two teenage daughters, who had no experience in the beverage industry.”  

Christine Hochkeppel, Salty Broad Studios, LLC, Osterville, MA

While working as a staff photographer at a mid-sized daily newspaper, Christine Hochkeppel found herself frustrated with the corporate structure and lack of growth opportunities.  She watched many great colleagues lose their jobs through buyouts and...

Karla Morales, Your Home Detox, Greater Boston

Karla Morales comes from determination, courage and resilience.  Her mother Juana immigrated to the United States from Jalapa, Guatemala in 1992. 

Jill Willcox, Iterators LLC, Boston, MA

Jill Willcox is in her words a “very reluctant entrepreneur.”  Her dream was not about starting a business, it was about helping solve a challenge that her son was experiencing. 

Tricia Utley, American Apothecary, LLC, Nashua, NH

Tricia Utley was working as an estheticianand going through a health crisis.  While trying to find a cure for her condition she discovered how inner health is reflected in the skin.

Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple, Beantown Bedding®, Hingham, MA

Beantown Bedding’s beginnings are rooted in the personal story of two moms caring for their kids at college.

Becca Brady and Tiffany Ting, Hometown Poké, Providence, RI

What do you get when two friends who love food decide to daydream together as a way to escape the doldrums of their corporate jobs?   Hometown Poké .  

Jaime Weatherby, Weatherby Media, Hooksett, NH

Jaime Weatherby, a solo entrepreneur who started Weatherby Media LLC, has an immense passion for entrepreneurship and helping women owned businesses find their digital voice to get their products, services and unique talents to the populations they ...

Maureen Reno, Reno Energy Consulting Services, LLC, Derry, NH

Five years ago, I never would have imagined being an entrepreneur, but thanks to my network of colleagues and the Center of Women & Enterprise I now own a small business. After over a decade of serving the public as an energy analyst with a state r...

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