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Ashlee Barton, One Cycle RI LLC

Ashlee Barton dreamed of owning her own business but thought financially and timewise it would be out of her reach.  While working a full-time job she started toying with the idea of opening an indoor cycling and group fitness center.

Betsy Hill, Neighborhoods Café: Service to Country, Service to Community

Veteran entrepreneurs are increasingly contributing to business creation and growth to the American economy after service. Active duty and reserve service often instills important skills and leadership abilities that are directly relevant to busines...

Beverly Hilaire, 2015 Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award Winner

Beverly Hilaire had a delicious vision for her neighborhood.  She dreamed of a modern-day sweet shop with a hint of “yesteryear,” a place where people could gather together for a sweet treat and a smile.  With that, the idea for A Sweet Place in Dorc...

Boston’s Zainab Sumu - Disrupting the Fashion Industry

Zainab’s first entrepreneurial venture was a high-fashion retail boutique she operated in Los Angeles.  She tried weathering the storm of the great recession of 2008-2010; her business didn’t survive through the economic downturn – but she stayed re...

Christine Taylor Garner, TaylorMade Meals

After spending more than 10 years in technology – building websites and software products, and managing clients - Christine Taylor Garner needed a change.  The higher she went “up the ladder” the less fulfilled and interested she was in what she was ...

Erik Barstow, Rattle River Lodge, NH

In October 2013 a friend asked Erik to drive to Maine to pick him up, an event that changed his life. On the way home, they stopped at the lodge Erik now owns and he fell in love with the peaceful location. 

Francesca, Working Towards Her Dream

After working in the tourism industry for more than 30 years, Francesca had a dream of wanting to own and operate her own boutique tour company - but she needed the right tools to get her vision off the ground.

Heidy Paz, Manager & Owner, La Granja, LLC

A wife and mother of three, Heidy had a dream to fill American grocery store shelves with the creams and cheeses she'd loved in her homeland of Guatemala. in 2011, she opened her manufacturing business, La Granja Dairy Products, LLC.

Help Me, Ronda Launches Other Businesses on the Web

When she got laid off in 2015 after a 20-year career in corporate IT, it was an opportunity to reimagine life “outside the cubicle.” Ronda turned to the Center for Women & Enterprise and took her first class – Is Entrepreneurship Right for You? It w...

Maureen Joyce and Anne Saita, Twirling Tiger Media

In the spring of 2013 Maureen Joyce lost her longtime position as creative director for a Newton, MA-based technology media company and was considering her options. She heard that an IT association was putting its digital media magazine out to bid, a...

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