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Cheryl Mita, Sustainable Senior Solutions

Cheryl Mita HeadshotCheryl came to the Center for Women & Enterprise without the faintest idea of how to start a business. While working part-time as a personal trainer to support her entire family, Cheryl noticed a trend: her senior citizen clients faced mobility issues and pain doing necessary household chores and home maintenance as they aged. From this observation, a business idea was born, and Cheryl called CWE to learn how to make her vision a reality.

After eighteen weeks of intensive study, in April 2012 Cheryl and her husband launched Sustainable Senior Solutions, a Worcester-based company that empowers seniors in their decisions to either age in place or downsize and relocate. Cheryl and her team manage all aspects of relocation, or make homes more senior-friendly with adjustments and modifications.

“We’ve already beaten our sales goals from last year, and we’re hoping to increase this year’s by 50%. It’s all because of CWE!” – Cheryl Mita, Sustainable Senior Solutions

As Cheryl will tell you, following a dream to do what you love is important because it is exactly what small business owners – the folks that drive our regional economy – do every single day.